Two Divergent Views on the President Obama and FDNY Diversity

“Over the past 18 months, it has come to my attention that we differ along political lines. You see the glass half full while I see it half empty. You see the homogeneous make up of the FDNY ok while I support heterogeneity, diversity and affirmative action. You see Reagan as a great President, I see Obama as the embodiment of Reagan and the greatest President since Reagan.

Because of our differences, there will be no more e mails pertaining to political chatter sent by me.


You’re not a “glass half empty” guy, DB, you’re something else altogether.

I have to take issue with BOTH your viewpoints here. You claim you have a problem with the 90% white make-up of the FDNY’s uniformed Fire sector.

That certainly IS a 2 to 1 disparity ratio of whites compared to their numbers in NYC’s population (46%) and it definitely “doesn’t look like New York City.”

BUT, IF you really had a problem with “diversity,” you’d have an even bigger problem with the Dept of Juvenile Justice, which is 78% black a staggering 3 to 1 disparity ratio of blacks relative to their numbers in NYC’s population (26%), the Dept of Youth Services (73% black),the Dept of Corrections (68% black) – those Departments “Look even LESS like New York City than the backstep of the FDNY!”

In fact, IF you really had a problem with the “diversity” of NYC’s Civil Service population, then the fact that it is nearly 37% black in a city that is only 26% blacks would bother you greatly…and apparently it doesn’t, because you are a “racial homer,” obsessed with race. The fact that you don’t have a problem with the numerous other city agencies that “don’t look like New York City,” sort of makes clear that your passion for “diversity” is merely “a matter of convenience,” a convenient cover for a racial obsession.

As for the current administration, Barack Obama had more good will at the start of his administration than any President in recent memory, INCLUDING the great Ronald W Reagan. Unfortunately, Obama “ran as Reagan,” promising tax cuts and reducing the deficit, and has “governed like Carter,” with ever more wasteful social spending, higher taxes and record-breaking deficit spending that has ballooned the national debt from 53% of GDP to a breath-taking 68% of GDP…and rising.

YOU might see the Obama administration as “the embodiment of the Reagan administration”…WITHOUT the positive results (I suppose). After all, Reagan reduced the Misery Index every year he was in office until it reached single digits in 1986, where it remained throughout the rest of his tenure, while Barack Obama has seen the Misery Index (the Inflation and Unemployment rates added together) drop over his first five months, hitting a more than two-year low in July of 2009. Since then it went up every month until it reached double digits in November 2009, where it has stayed since.

While the Misery Index for Obama’s first year was 8.92, a 0.7 improvement over GW’s last year’s 9.61, but the Misery Index for 2010 has averaged 10.55 and shows no sign of letting up. Those numbers seem to indicate that we had a recovery early in 2009 and now the current policies, which are the same policies of Bush’s 2nd term – “Stimulate, bailout, spend, spend, spend” are delivering the expected Keynesian results.

THAT’S why the Democrats are looking at very possibly losing BOTH Houses of Congress DB…RESULTS! They have NOT delivered the promised results…the results that Reagan DID deliver!



About jmk444

I've worked in the FDNY for the past 29 years. I've written freelance commentary for the past twenty-five years and have one book published "Looking Up (A Working View)," Quiet Storm Publishers. For those of you with whom my ideas resonate, we probably share a common love of Liberty. For those of you who don't like my views, that may be because you see LICENSE (“being able to do whatever we want, so long as we don't harm others") as "freedom," instead of LIBERTY (self-ownership) and the grinding burden of responsibility that comes with self-ownership.
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