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Two Divergent Views on the President Obama and FDNY Diversity

While the Misery Index for Obama’s first year was 8.92, a 0.7 improvement over GW’s last year’s 9.61, but the Misery Index for 2010 has averaged 10.55 and shows no sign of letting up. Those numbers seem to indicate that we had a recovery early in 2009 and now the current policies, which are the same policies of Bush’s 2nd term – “Stimulate, bailout, spend, spend, spend” are delivering the expected Keynesian results. Continue reading

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It is All Our Faults…The Weakest Generation

My father was born a scant few years before the Great Depression. That is to say, he grew up and became conscious of life during the great suffering, lack and loss of the Great Depression. Upon graduating High School in … Continue reading

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Still ANOTHER Racial Double Standard…FDNY is NOT NYC’s Most Racially Out-of-Balance” Department!

A federal judge (Nicholas Garaufis) recently ruled that multiple choice written axams “discriminate against black applicants” and charged the City of New York with “deliberate discrimination” for continuing to use such time-tested exams. Ironically enough, the SAME 1-standard deviation disparity … Continue reading

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